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Lactation Support

JoAnna is a Certified Lactation Counselor and provides support and education for bodyfeeding parents throughout their feeding journey. She is also trained in Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs) assessment, and is currently working towards becoming an IBCLC. Lactation Services include:

  • Lactation support immediately after childbirth

  • Lactation education on topics such as: getting started, getting an optimal latch, feeding positions, the science behind milk production, how partners can support the bodyfeeding parent, setting up bodyfeeding stations in your home, and more!

  • Lactation consultation for parents facing feeding challenges such as pain during feeding, suspected tongue or lip ties, low supply, over supply, clogged ducts, mastitis recovery, and thrush recovery (Note: mastitis and thrush must be diagnosed by a medical professional)

  • Education on pumping: how to use your pump, when to start pumping, how often to pump, building a supply for return to work, maintaining supply after return to work, organizing your milk stash, and pumping challenges.

  • Assessment for Tethered Oral Tissues (tongue and lip ties) and referral to preferred release providers in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

  • Support and education for supplementation and weaning.

Lactation Support: Services
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