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Overnight Newborn Care


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Adding a new family member is one of the most important, happiest, and most stressful events in life. JoAnna’s role as a Newborn Care Specialist is to support and educate new parents as they transition through the newborn stage, as well as providing the best possible care while parents get some much needed rest.

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JoAnna is an International Certified Newborn Care Specialist (ICNCS) credentialed through Newborn Care International

What is a Newborn Care Specialist?

A Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) is a professional who has received comprehensive, specialized training in the care of newborns from 0 to 16 weeks as well as the support and education of new parents and siblings. An NCS works in a family’s home, often overnight, and many work 7 nights a week so that families have full support in the postpartum period. Many Newborn Care Specialists have additional training, as well, in areas such as lactation education and support, sleep training, caring for multiples, caring for premature babies, and more.

An NCS who has been certified through Newborn Care International has not only received training as an NCS and at least one additional specialty, but has proven themselves highly skilled by passing a proctored exam, logging more than 1,000 hours of hands-on care, submitting letters of reference, and passing a background check. Once certified, they hold the title of International Certified Newborn Care Specialist (ICNCS), and must periodically renew their certification with continuing education and hands-on care. When you work with an ICNCS, you can be assured that they are committed to staying current and being a leader in their field.

JoAnna completed her certification and became an ICNCS in April, 2018!

What can an NCS help with?

  • Troubleshooting potential issues of concern with the newborn and offer professional options to resolve them

  • Maintaining a thorough log of infant feeding, elimination, and sleep patterns

  • Assisting breastfeeding/chestfeeding parent with issues, concerns, and questions

  • Soothing babies using skilled and proven techniques that help calm newborns

  • Umbilical Cord Care

  • Circumcision Care

  • Bottle Preparation (Breastmilk & Formula)

  • Bottle Cleaning

  • Creating a regular feeding schedule

  • Assisting in establishing healthy sleep habits

  • Taking over complete care of newborn at night to provide parents time to sleep

What are the benefits of newborn care?

  • In this day and age, so many new parents do not have the full-time support of friends and family that parents were afforded in the past. A Newborn Care Specialist provides the extra support you need to recover from childbirth and adjust to having a new little one in your home.

  • Newborns don’t come with manuals, but Newborn Care Specialists have proven tips, tools, and techniques so your baby’s early weeks can be spent bonding and getting to know each other instead of trying to figure out how to swaddle, soothe, and generally take care of baby.

  • In the middle of the night, your NCS is there to tend to baby’s needs so you can get much needed sleep. Even for breastfeeding/chestfeeding parents, once baby is fed, you can go back to sleep while your NCS changes baby’s diaper, swaddles, and soothes baby back to sleep. This allows you to be at your best during the day when your baby is ready to play.

  • An NCS is educated in newborn development and will help guide you in the sleep schedule, feeding schedule, and activities that will help baby’s cognitive, social, and physical development.

  • Newborn Care Specialists know how to work with newborn’s natural sleep rhythms so that baby will learn to self-soothe. This can help avoid harsh sleep training later.

  • An NCS acts as a sounding board for your cares and concerns regarding your baby’s health, development, and well-being. Your NCS can advise you in what is a typical condition or behavior, and what needs additional attention from your pediatrician.

  • Roughly 25% of mothers and 10% of fathers develop Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders. Newborn Care Specialists are trained in spotting the signs and symptoms and can increase the chances that you will know if you need to seek medical care.

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